Watching wildlife is at the top of almost everyone’s ‘to do list’ in Tanzania. You will be able to find a stellar array of protected areas in the country which offers the most of diverse and rewarding wildlife found anywhere around the world. Arusha is the base of all for organising visits to northern parks.

Tanzania safari Packages offer Walking Safari as one in them. Most of the walking Safaris offered are for one or two hours, usually done in the early morning or late in the afternoon. The pace is always measured and there will be stops en route for observation or for your guide to pick up an animal’s track.

Some of the walking safaris are done within the park boundaries, while some are in the adjacent areas that are part of park eco system. Walks are always accompanied by a guide, who is usually armed and you are supposed to walk close proximity to the guide.

The places where you can walk in big game areas include, Ngorongoro National Park, Arusha National Park, Serengeri National Park and Lake Manyara. Most of the short walks are easily arranged near the gate.

Getting around the country is easier during the dry season that is June to October. Animals are easier to find in the waterholes and rivers. Foliage is also less dense to and makes easier to spot wildlife. Apart from this consideration it completely depends in part of what your interests are.

For, walking in wildlife area dry season is the best. The large sections of most the national parks are accessible only during dry season, as almost all the camps close during rainy season.

We also offer tailor made Walking Safaris according to your needs.


Walking safaris are the purest form of safari. Walking in Tanzania is completely different to game driving. On foot you are a participant in the world of wildlife rather than a spectator, a thrilling and unbeatable safari experience

Walking safaris in Tanzania will awaken your senses and are one of the purest wildlife experiences.

On foot, you become a part of the wildlife, rather than a spectator.

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