Tanzania is one of the finest bird watching destinations in the world. It has round 1110 species of birds and 74 marine birds. The birding location includes Arusha National Park, with 400 birds within it. These varieties of birds can be more wonderful if guided by a professional.

Lake Mamyara National park offers pink flamingos, pelicans, storks and many more with 400 recorded species.

A bird watching trip to the southern parks gives you a chance to witness over 400 recorded birds for the vast Selous Game Reserve, the Rufiji and Ruaha Rivers gives ideal habitats for various birds.

Grey Headed Silverbill, Usambiro barbet, Green-winged pytilia, Kori bustard, Chestnut sparrow, African crowned eagle, red and yellow barbet.

The birding safari has 2 options, Southern Tanzania and Northern Tanzania.

The Ruaha National park has 570 spices of yellow coloured sunbirds and ashy starling. Katavi also has a large population of waterflow in the wet season. Zanzibar has 268 spices with frigatebird. The Uluguru Mountains contain loveridge’s sunbird.


This tour is designed to give you the opportunity to experience the real Africa, given only about Six days.

With its huge, unspoiled wilderness areas and plains loaded with game, the vast landscapes of Tanzania reflect an Africa of old.

This tour to coincide with the arrival of masses of wildebeest in the central Serengeti, explores northern Tanzania’s exceptional diversity

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