The best part of travelling in Tanzania is getting to know the people, tradition and their culture. Tanzanian’s set themselves apart from their neighbours due to their unique traditions.

Tanzania is home to about 120 tribal groups. About 95% of them are Bantu origin. Tanzanians are polite and courteous, they treat their elders with respectful shikamoo, means “I hold your feet”. Celebrations are generally splashed out affairs aimed at demonstrating status and frequently go well beyond the means of the host family.

Tanzanian people celebrate religious festivals with so much passion towards it and almost everyone participate at least as far as singing and dancing is concerned in almost all family gatherings. Tanzania has its own fascinating and captivating culture. Meet red-cloaked Maasai warriors, spend time with semi-nomadic Barabaig, experience the hospitality of local rhythms of their traditional dance, watch makonde carvers bring wood to life.

Tanzania culture is a mix of Bantu, Arabic, Persian and Asian influences. However, Swahili culture began to develop in the early part of the first millinium. You should visit National Museum of History and Culture which exhibits on the dhow culture of the Indian Ocean and Swahili civilization. They have the largest carved doors in East Africa. However, it is hard to get a sense of Tanzania History and Culture, so it’s worth taking a tour to get the glimpse of life at street level.

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